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M.V. Cheeta 2

In January 1961 the Cheeta was replaced by the 450 ton Norwegian coastal ship having been called "Habat" and  "Mosken", now renamed Cheeta 2. In the summer of 1962 (after Radio Mercur´s broadcasts had stopped) the vessel was called "San Pedrito" for a short period. Now the ship was moored in Copenhagen harbor, then moved…
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Cruiser Aurora

The ship is 126.8 meters (418 feet 5 inches) long, 16.8 meters (55 feet 5 inches) wide and weighs 7600 tons. At 20 knots (23.3 miles per hour) it can travel independently for up to 1440 sea miles.  The Aurora's keel was laid down at the "New Admiralty" shipyard in St.Petersburg on 23 May 1897.…
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Hendrik Jan

A ninety foot canal ship (the former Ijmuiden 17), owned by Fietje Donselaar, fitted out in the canal Sparne (in Haarlem) by Steph Willemsen and Bob Peeters. During 1970, the Hendrik Jan was partially rebuilt in the Sparne canal by a couple of illegal immigrants from Angola, the former Portuguese colony. Bob Peeters had promised…
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H.M.S. Enterprise

An ex-naval ship that is currently being restored on the River Itchen at Southampton for use as a radio ship. The Enterprise was built in 1957 by MW Blackmore. She was one of 3 inshore survey vessels (Echo and Egeria being the others). Based on the 'HAM' class inshore minesweeper hull and could have been…
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H.M.S. Grenville

Ship details: The HMS Grenville was laid down in 1941 and completed in May of 1943. She was not scrapped until 1983 - a remarkably long life for a ship built during the wartime emergency programs. Grenville was one of 24 Type 15 frigates converted from WWII "emergency" destroyers during 1952-1957. Her Type 15 conversion…
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Unknown – Radio Morue

Ship details: An unknown trawler Offshore radio station: Radio Morue in 1935 Planned location: Accompanying French cod fishermen on their expedition to far away countries like Newfoundland
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Unknown – Northlight

Ship details: An unknown sailing boat Offshore radio station: The landbased pirate radio station Northlight Radio International (NRI) was founded in 1989. The first broadcast took place at the beginning of April 1990 from the North Sea island Norderney where also the first transmitter was designed: A 25 watts AM transmitter in the so called…
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Unknown – Several unknown vessels

Ships details: Several unknown vessels Radio station: Taken from DXing.info, April 29th, 2004, updated on May 12th: Coalition begins low-power shortwave broadcasts at sea DXing.info has received confirmation that the U.S.-led coalition indeed began shortwave broadcasts in mid-April, as previously announced by the U.S. Navy Maritime Liaison Office (MARLO). "I have spoken with coalition officials,…
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