In 1939, Mid Tyne Ferries, based in Hebburn On Tyne, were formed to acquire the old Tyne General Ferry Company's operations. The Galexy, or MTF No 1 as it was known then, was purchased to replace the aging steam powered ferries. The boat was built by J. S Watson Ltd. of Gainsborough. I was 80 Foot long, 18 Foot wide and 9 Foot deep. Engines direct–reversing pump scavenge diesel Type ‘DR6' developing 150 B.H.P.@ 450 R.P.M.. Also Crossley ‘BV' diesel auxiliary set directly coupled to air compressor, bilge pump, and belt driven dynamo. Licenced on Steam 5 Certificate to carry 313 passengers on deck and 3 crew on its daily runs between peirheads and 240 passengers and 3 crew when operating outside the normal ferry route. Later the boat was renamed "Tyne Princess". In 1983 the "Tyne Princess" passed into ownership of the Swan Hunter Ship Yard. In 1987 the "Tyne Princess" was acquired by Seahorse Enterprises. The boat was taken to Queenborough on the Isle of Sheppey and put into a floating dry dock. Extensive restoration work was undertaken on the hull, and the superstructure was altered. In August 1987, after five months work carried out by volunteers, the vessel made its maiden voyage to London. The boat was renamed Galexy. In July 1992 work started on converting the Galexy into a "radio ship".

Radio station: Offshore Radio 1584 (Ristricted Service Licence) from August 13th to 2nd September 1992

Location: Off Walton on Naze (UK), and eventually anchored about one mile from shore, near the pier. Due to bad weather some broadcasts were made from Walton Backwaters.


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