Gunfleet Lighthouse

The Gunfleet Lighthouse was reported to have been abandoned since around 1921. It's looking like a water tank on stilts - not dissimilar to one of the single sections of the Army forts. 

According to Printz Holman Gunfleet was occupied for a continuous period and was not left unattended. By the middle of September 1974 a boarding party was hard at work making the abandoned lighthouse structurally safe and sound. Windows were cut, floors installed and rooms built ready to house the generator and transmitter, a reconditioned Collins 10,000 Watt model obtained from the USA. The upper floors of the lighthouse would be used for the generators, transmitter and studio while the basement would be used for living quarters. During the end of October Adriaan van Landschoot (Radio Atlantis) paid for all the necessary equipment and materials for the conversion of the Lighthouse. On 26th October 1974 the British Home Office raided the lighthouse and removed several items, and placed a message board outside saying that they had visited. On 19th December Printz Holman and Ian Hurrion arrived by small dinghy. They were followed by a ship belonging to the Home Office. On board the ship was either the Royal Marine Commandos or Police from Essex, as well as Home Office and Trinity House officials (the owners of the lighthouse). The authorities had been given 'inside' information and were aware that a supply tender was due to arrive on the night of 19/20 December (prior to  Christmas). They were also aware that we were short of supplies as previous tenders had been cancelled. This would appear to be the reasoning behind the choice of date for the raid. Both Ian 'Brig' Hurrion and myself were on the lighthouse when the authorities attempted the boarding. There was a long stand-off followed by discussions. Several large vessels were in attendance and it would have been impossible for any supplies to get through. As no transmissions were taking place, it was impossible to tell the world what was happening. The structure was eventually vacated by us. We were not taken to a police station. [Information by Printz Holman]

Planned offshore radio stations: Radio Atlantis (flemish service) and Radio Dolphin (international service)

Location: Six miles off the coast of Frinton on Sea (UK) and equally on the north east limit of the Port of London, therefore just inside territorial waters.

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