H.M.A.S. Canberra

Name: HMAS Canberra Call Sign: VKCN
Length: 139.0 meters Beam: 13.7 meters Draft: 7.5 meters
Crew: 226 On keel: 1981 at Todd, Seattle
Propulsion: 2xGE GTu Power: 29420 kw
max. Speed: 29.0 kn
Peculiarities: Harpoon, 76mm Gun, 20mm Phalanx, 6xTorpedotubes, 2xHelo Lamps-III

Type Guided Missile Frigate
Number 02
Builder Todd Pacific Shipyards, USA
Laid Down 1 March 1978
Launched 1 December 1978
Commissioned 21 March 1981
Displacement 4,000 tonnes
Length 138.1 metres
Beam 13.7 metres
Armament Harpoon anti-ship missiles,
Standard anti-air missiles,
Mk 92 Fire Control System,
One 76mm gun,
One Phalanx Mk 15 close-in
weapon system,
Twin Mk32 anti-submarine triple
torpedo tubes
Aircraft Two Helicopters
Machinery Two General Electric LM2500 gas turbines geared to one controllable pitch propeller
Speed More than 30 knots
Ships Company 202

Offshore radio station: More recently, some of the larger Australian navy vessels have incorporated a radio station as part of their onboard entertainment facilities. In some cases these stations have radiated programs over a MW transmitter, and in other cases programs are available on board the ship via closed circuit cable. One of the ships, HMAS Canberra, for example, was stationed off the coast of Vietnam during the South East Asian conflict. [Information by Dr. Adrian Peterson, Adventist World Radio]

Location: International waters off the coast of Vietnam

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