H.M.S. Enterprise

An ex-naval ship that is currently being restored on the River Itchen at Southampton for use as a radio ship.

The Enterprise was built in 1957 by MW Blackmore. She was one of 3 inshore survey vessels (Echo and Egeria being the others). Based on the 'HAM' class inshore minesweeper hull and could have been converted in times of emergency. The Enterprise is constructed of mahogany and teak with bronze and copper fastenings.

Enterprise A71
Built 1957 MW Blackmore Ltd Bideford
Dimensions 106.8 ft long 22ft breadth 6.8ft draught
Displacement 120 tons standard and 160 tons full load
Propulsion 2 Paxman diesels 700bhp, with 2 controllable pitch props
Speed 14 knots
Endurance 1600 miles @10 knots
Crew 2 officers 16 ratings.

Radio station: 'Pirates for Peace (Ireland) is about co-operation and opportunity for the young people of Ireland, north and south, to contribute towards understanding and tolerance.

A kids community radio station is being set up so that children from the north and the south, Catholic and Protestant communities can come together to learn broadcasting skills and have fun in a high tech communication orientated environment. Using all forms of information technologies, they will be able to contact and interact worldwide with others in similar situations.

All this will happen in the unique atmosphere of a studio and associated facilities on board 'Enterprise', a converted ex Royal Navy minesweeper, which is currently being transformed by volunteers in Southampton.

With the full approval of Newry and Mourne District Council 'Enterprise' will be berthed in the Albert Basin in Newry, alongside The Quays Shopping and Leisure Centre

From here Quay Kids FM will broadcast their own radio programmes three hours a day, five days a week. Programmes will range from sports, phone-ins, local news, events, film and book reviews to music, story telling, drama and even a kids soap.

Programmes will be transmitted by the growing medium of internet radio, enabling the kids to communicate with their peers worldwide. In addition a conventional FM radio license has been applied for to broadcast to the local area.

Subject to Radio Licensing Authority approval, "Quay Kids FM" is currently on schedule for transmission to commence early in 2002.

  • August to September 2001 - Completion of exterior painting
  • October 2001 - Installation of generators and electrical systems.
  • November 2001 - Studio installation.
  • December 2001 - Sea trials and travel to Newry.
  • Spring 2002 - First broadcast.

Location: The Enterprise is currently moored at Smiths Quay on the River Itchen in Woolston, Southampton. After the refit is completed the Enterprise will be based in Newry off Carlingford Lough on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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