H.M.S. Grenville

Ship details: The HMS Grenville was laid down in 1941 and completed in May of 1943. She was not scrapped until 1983 - a remarkably long life for a ship built during the wartime emergency programs.

Grenville was one of 24 Type 15 frigates converted from WWII "emergency" destroyers during 1952-1957. Her Type 15 conversion was undertaken at Chatham Dockyard during 1953-54. The conversion was very extensive, including addition of a full deck for most of the ships' length, a completely new superstructure, and a new outfit of weapons and sensors; the result was a unique design unlikely to be confused with anything else. Grenville is distinguished from the rest of the class by the later addition of a third mast carring a massive air-search radar; this was a trial installation of the radar later fitted in the Invincible class carriers. The picture above is dating from 1973.

Offshore radio station: Towards the end of the Pacific war, a 50 year old wooden ship, the "Apache," was fitted out in Sydney Harbour as a radio station and sent up to the Philippines. In addition, several warships in the Pacific (British, Australian and American) began to relay programs from Australian MW stations to surrounding areas on shortwave. One of these, for example, was the HMS Grenville, which was heard relaying the commercial programs from 2KY Sydney in January 1946. [Information by Dr. Adrian Peterson, Adventist World Radio]

Location: International waters in the Pacific

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