Hendrik Jan

A ninety foot canal ship (the former Ijmuiden 17), owned by Fietje Donselaar, fitted out in the canal Sparne (in Haarlem) by Steph Willemsen and Bob Peeters. During 1970, the Hendrik Jan was partially rebuilt in the Sparne canal by a couple of illegal immigrants from Angola, the former Portuguese colony. Bob Peeters had promised the illegal immigrants that if they managed to get the station on air off the Dutch coast the ship would be taken after a short while to the Portuguese coast, and then onto the Angolian coast. By Christmas food and water had run out for the Portuguese on the Hendrik Jan and local people collected food and water for them. A few days into the new year 1971 the illegal Portuguese immigrants were arrested. The Stichting Radio Operatie never made it on air, and the Hendrik Jan never went into International waters.

Planned offshore radio station: S. O. R. (Stichting Radio Operatie) in 1971

Planned location: International waters off the Dutch coast

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