In 1957 the Trinity House Lightvessel No18 was built by Philip and Son Ltd. in Dartmouth, Devon. the vessel was 114 feet long, and of 581 grt. The LV18 had 9 cabins as well as a mess room. In 1990 the Trinity House Light Vessel number 18 was withdrawn from service and moored at Railway Quay, Harwich and used as a storeroom facility. In 1996 Sea Containers Ltd purchased the LV18, with the intention of using it as the centre piece of their proposed marina at Gas House Creek in Harwich. The development did not take place and the LV18 stayed moored in Harwich. In February 1999, Paul Graham approached Sea Containers Ltd to use the LV18 as a radio station. During the RSL broadcasts the ship was nicknamed Mebo III. In December 2001, LV18 was finally conveyed into the ownership of the PHAROS CHARITABLE TRUST to form part of the 'Harwich Lighthouse Experience' Project 2002. The vessel will be berthed permanently at Harwich. 

Radio station: Radio NorthSea International (Ristricted Service Licence) from 3rd August to 30th August 1999, from April 12th to May 8th 2000 and  from 3rd June to 30th June 2001. Radio Caroline (Ristricted Service Licence) from 1st to 28th October 2000. Radio Mi Amigo (Ristricted Service Licence) from 31st March to 26th April 2001 and from August 8th to September 5th 2002. Pirate BBC Essex from 10th April to 17th April 2004.

Location: During the August 1999 RSL, the ship was moored off Holland-on-Sea (UK), latitude 51 47N, longitude 01 13E. Afterwards the ship was moored alongside the Old Railway Pier in Harwich (UK).

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