Length: 137,25 feet (41,83 m)
Lenght: 119 feet (36,27 m)
Width: 25 feet (7,62 m)
Depth: 15 feet (4,57 m)

Owned by Trinity House, London

Built in 1949 by Philip & Son, Dartmouth, Devon, England

Multi-Catoptric electrical 34.5 bhp Gardener H.S. Diesels, Fixed lantern, Fitted R/TGardener Diesels driving Reavell QR Compressors 2 x 38 PS, G Diaphone

Radio station: In January 2006, Radio Waddenzee/Radio Seagull, a licenced Dutch low-power station on 1602 kHz medium wave, broadcast first test transmissions from the vessel moored in Harlingen. The radio stations were planning to use the ship as a base for their broadcasts and as a tourist attraction as well.

Location: Harlingen (Netherlands)

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