An unknown former laboratory ship, now used as a fishing boat

Radio station: On Wednesday August 1st 1979 Radio Veronica (then being a part-time broadcaster on Hilversum 1) broadcast from the Bison from 7.00 to 10.45 h. During his "Ook Goeiemorgen" programme Bart van Leeuwen linked up with the M.V. Mi Amigo and spoke to Johan Visser (Ron Bisschop) who was presenting "Wekkerradio" on Radio Caroline.

On Friday/Saturday 29th /30th August 1980 Radio Veronica (now transmitting via Hilversum 3) used the Bison again. Lex Harding and Bart van Leeuwen could be heard presenting the Tipparade and the Top 40. Also Ad Bouman, Chiel Montagne, Leo van der Goot (ex-Radio Nordsee International) and Erik de Zwart (Paul de Wit on Radio Caroline in 1979) were on board. Due to the rough weather the vessel had to return to Scheveningen harbour for the overnight programmes.

Location: Off the coast of Scheveningen (Netherlands)

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