In 1969, Swiss business men Edwin Bollier and Erwin Meister purchased the 124 foot 347 ton Bjarkoy. The ship was renamed Mebo. It had been built by Tronsjems M/V at Trondheim in Norway. After work to convert her into a radio ship had started it was decided that a larger ship was required. The Mebo was then fitted out to become a supply tender for the new ship, the Mebo lI. After RNI´s closedown, the Mebo was drydocked and renamed Angela. In 1977 both the Angela and the Mebo II were sold to Libya. The Angela was renamed Almasira in 1978. In 1984 both ships were used for target practice by the Libyan Navy. They sank in the Gulf of Sidra, Mediterranean Sea.

Planned offshore radio station: Radio Nordsee International in 1969/70

Planned location: International waters off Scheveningen (Netherlands)

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