M.V. Cheeta 2

In January 1961 the Cheeta was replaced by the 450 ton Norwegian coastal ship having been called "Habat" and  "Mosken", now renamed Cheeta 2.

In the summer of 1962 (after Radio Mercur´s broadcasts had stopped) the vessel was called "San Pedrito" for a short period. Now the ship was moored in Copenhagen harbor, then moved to Flensburg in Germany and later sailed back again to a position off Copenhagen having been sold to Mrs. Britt Wadner.

On 20th January 1966 thick pack ice forced the Cheeta 2 to leave her anchorage. Following the grounding of the Mi Amigo she sailed to a position off Frinton (UK) to take her place while repairs were carried out. On 21st July 1966 the ship broke anchor, needed assistance by a tug and was moored near the Harkstead Buoy in the River Stour.

In 1967 the ship headed for Spain and the Canary Islands. In 1968 the vessel headed for Gambia. Today, the Cheetah 2 is still occupying space in Bathurst harbour (Gambia), though its condition has deteriorated.

Offshore radio station: Radio Mercur (for Denmark) from 31st January 1961 to 10th July 1962, Skånes Radio Mercur (for Sweden) from 31st January 1961 to November 1961, Radio Syd from 28th September 1964 to 19th January 1966, Radio Caroline South from13th February to 1st May 1966.

Legalised radio station: Radio Syd Gambia in the late 1960´s

Location: International waters at the southern location between Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmö (Sweden). In November 1961 to July 1962 the ship anchored in the Stora Bält/Elefantgrunden between Fyns Hoved, Funen and Reerso, Zeeland (Denmark). From 1964 to January 1966 the vessel anchored off Malmö (Sweden). In early 1966 the ship was moored off Frinton (UK). From 1968 it was moored in Bathurst harbour, Gambia.

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