M.V. Electra

A 88 foot former ocean going tug which has been reinforced to withstand ice. The ship was built by Bath Iron Works Inc. in Maine during 1922, and served at Cape Lookout Shoals. During World War 2, the ship served at Portsmouth VA. In 1968 the ship was decommissioned. 

In 1995, Allan Weiner purchased the 750 ton, 133 foot 4 inch long 30 foot 6 inch wide ex US light ship Winter Quarter. The vessel was re-named Electra in honour of the radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi. The project was being handled by Lightwave Mission Broadcasting and Becker Broadcast systems. In July 1997 Allan Weiner said the Electra was in a ship yard in Boston, USA being converted into a radio ship and would be ready to sail by the end of summer. In September of that year the MV Electra was fully fitted out, but the project didn´t go through. In December 1999, Glenn Hauser announced that the MV Electra whose destination was St. Kitts, just had sunk in Rhode Island waters.

Planned offshore radio station: Yesterday USA. Lightwave Mission Broadcasting had announced that the ship should be licensed to the host countries, which would offer protection from the FCC or other authorities. It was added that there were negotiations with broadcast authorities in the Caribbean, France and Israel.

Planned location: International waters off the the Caribbean Islands

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