In 1965, the 320 ton stern fishing trawler MV Ross Fortune was built by Cochrane & Sons Limited of Selby Yorkshire, England for the Ross Fishing fleet. The ship was 129 feet 5 inches long by 30 feet 4 inches wide with a draught of 19 feet 6 inches (39.45 metres long, 9.25 metres wide 5.95 draught). The ship was powered by a General Motors V12 1200 horse power engine connected to a controllable pitch propeller. In 1972, the ship was sold to a Canadian fishing company and renamed MV Fury V. In 1989, the ship was owned by Naviera Fury S de RL and registered in San Lorenzo, Honduras and used as a salvage vessel recovering Transatlantic telephone cables. In 1993, The MV Fury was in Boston harbour being converted into a radio ship. A 300,000 Watt generator was purchased and installed. In November, the ship and station were licensed and registered in Belize. It left Boston Harbour heading towards Charleston for repainting. The ship underwent further refitting at the Halsey and Cannon boat yard on the Wando river.

Planned offshore radio station: Any station name is not known. On 18th January1994, after driving around Charleston in an undercover truck, the FCC claimed to have located the source of an illegal broadcast. A court order was obtained claiming the source of the broadcasts was the MV Fury. One day later US Coast guards and FCC agents boarded the MV Fury and seized the ship, claiming it to be an unlicensed pirate radio ship.

Planned location: International waters off Long Island (?)

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