M.V. Hatzvi

Ship details: The Hajduszoboszlo was built in 1967 in Angyalford Shipyard, Hungarian Ship and Crane works in Budapest. The ship is 244 feet long by 37 feet wide and of 1000 tons. The vessel was renamed Mount Parnis in 1986 and renamed MV Hatzvi (the deer, a traditional symbol of Israel) in 1988. Owned by the Blue Wave Shipping Company the vessel was registered in Valetta, Malta, and was manned by Tanzanian sailors.

In November 2003 the ship left its anchorage off the Tel-Aviv coast to be scrapped in Turkey.

Offshore radio station: Arutz Sheva from 21st October 1988 until 20th October 2003 (exactly 15 years)

Location: Just within national waters off Tel Aviv (Israel)

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