M.V. Odelia

Ship details: In 1980 Paul Greenwald, a former Rumanian national who had been living in Israel for sixteen years, travelled to Greece in search of a suitable ship. Finally in Piraeus he met ship owner Nestor Pierrakios who owned a ship built in 1958 that was regarded as valueless. The two made an agreement and Nestor became a partner of Odelia TV. Nestor Pierrakios had the ship renovated in the Greek port of Piraeus during the winter months of 1980/81. He manned the vessel with crew from his own firm, for a cost of $500,000 Dollars. 

In April 1981 the MV Odelia, now Liberian registered and flying the Honduran flag, set sail from Piraeus (Greece) to Ashdod. On 5th April the MV Odelia entered the port of Ashdod to take on supplies and undertake some minor repairs. The ship was thoroughly checked by the harbour authorities, and they were not surprised when they discovered that the ship was capable of broadcasting as they had been informed by the Israeli ambassador in Athens of her destination. A few days later the ship anchored about four miles offshore, close to the MV Peace ship. On 7th December, the Government refused radio telephone services to the ship except in the event of emergency, and the harbour authorities had been instructed not to assist the Odelia in any fashion. Later that day the station ceased broadcasting until "an agreement can be achieved with the Communications Ministry". On December 9th Israeli Police sailed around the ship extensively photographing. Finally on 27th December, the vessel ship set sail for Cyprus. It is probable, that the vessel was detained by authorities in Cyprus in connection with unpaid harbour fees.

Offshore radio station: Odelia TV from 23rd June to 7th December 1981

Location: Just within national waters off  Tel-Aviv (Israel)

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