The ship was built by W. & E. Sielaff of Büsum/Nordsee, West Germany. The original port of registration was: Haren/Ems (Germany). She carried out general cargo activities until the mid seventies when she was laid up at Sunderland, after running aground at Rye, Kent. The voyage to Bristol was in 1983 which was made under her own power, after 7 years of being laid up. And she was relaunched in May of 1984. The original engine was developed for a Second World War U-boat. The engine is turned over regularly and still in good order. The Thekla is a coaster of 173ft in length, with a large covered forward hold comprising of a stage, dance floor and a bar.There is an upstairs cafe and chill out area seating 60 to 70 with views looking out over the Bristol docks, as well. [Information by Geoff Toon]

The ship was used as a floating nightclub in Bristol's city centre docks. It was converted into a floating theatre by former Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band man Vivian Stanshall.

Radio station: Radio Caroline (Ristricted Service Licence) from 16th November to 14th December 1996 and from May 4th to 1st June 1997

Location: Moored in Bristol's city centre docks

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