There were presumptions of an unknown broadcasting vessel called Mayflower.

This may have been the same project as Radio Albatross, announced in the local press by a radio and TV dealer from Spalding in Lincolnshire. I believe the project was serious, but was abandoned when his business was destroyed by fire. Whether there were any suspicious circumstances I don't know. I am fairly sure there was never a boat actually anchored in The Wash. When I used to go to Hunstanton with the family I always looked for a ship with a tall mast, but never saw one. It would have been a superb location to broadcast from - sheltered, and with flat land either side to give good coverage of Norfolk and Lincolnshire. [Info by Andy Sennitt]

Offshore (?) radio station: Radio Mayflower in November 1965

Presumed Location: International waters (?) off the coast of Kent. Another report mentioned the boat having anchored in the Wash.

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