R 48 (Dave “The Fish”)

In the 1980´s Dave "The Fish" Turner´s former fishing boat Fairwind served as tender for the M.V. Ross Revenge. In 1998, Dave sold the Fairwind and bought a larger boat to fish with, the R 48.

In July 2000, Bert Bridges of Radio Argus, a London MW pirate, and Dave "The Fish" Turner installed a small TX on Dave´s fishing boat. On Sunday July 2nd 2000 they were doing tests at Ramsgate harbour. They rang Andy Cardier for a report, who could hear FA but in his haste he forgot to log the frequency. It was odd that this station was received in Suffolk at 11pm, a time when reception would be expected to be poor and confined to a small area. Rumours said there were more programmes planned for July 9th, possibly on 1575 kHz.

A television program called 'Metroland' about FM Radio Pirates in London, broadcast by the London regional ITV company 'Carlton' on Thursday 21st December from 1930-2000 included a couple of short snippets showing Dave 'The Fish' in action on his boat in the North Sea doing his bit as a pirate radio station, that he called "Laser Hot Hits Offshore". The Dave the Fish part seemed created especially for the TV company, so one cannnot be sure if Dave has actually broadcast.

Planned offshore radio station: Laser Hot Hits Offshore (?) in July 2000

Planned location: International waters in the Thames Estuary

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