Built in 1961. Length: 167 feet, gross: 530 tons,  power: Diesel unit. The vessel's owners at Lowestoft/UK bought the former Boyd Line side winder "H344 Arctic Vandal" in 1979 and sold it again in Jan 1993. The ship is supposed to be one of the last ships in the cod wars. Most recently it served as a Swedish lightship. 

During the spring of 2003, a group of Swedish radio enthousiats began to repair and to clean the ship up. In August 2004, they were joined by Mike Spenser, an American living in the U.K.

Radio station: Pirate Radio 603 AM from August to November 2004. The programmes consisted mainly of music shows in the English language presented by Mike Spenser. The programmes were produced on board the St. Paul but were transmitted from a landbased transmitter. There were plans to erect a suitable mast on the vessel. During the  summer of 2004, there was a major dispute between Mike Spenser and licence holder Roy Sandgren from Sweden. Finally Mike had to stop the broadcasts in November 2004. Soon afterwards the vessel was taken over by Radio 756 AM and Sonnet Radio Europe. In early 2005, these stations were bidding for the 10 kW 756 kHz licence on the Åland Islands situated between Sweden and Finland.

Location: From the harbour of Mariehamn (Åland Islands, Finland)


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