The heydays of watery wireless 1951 – today

1952-64 Courier The "Voice of America Seaborne Radio Station, Dedeecanese Islands" from the Mediterranean off the Island of Rhodes
1958-64 Cheeta Radio Mercur, Skånes Radio Mercur and Radio Syd off the Danish and Swedish coast
1960-64 Borkum Riff Radio's Veronica and CNBC off Katwijk aan Zee (Netherlands)
1960-61 Calypso Radio Cuba Independiente broadcasting from Key Sal Bank to Cuba
1961-70's Cheeta II Radio's Mercur, Skånes Radio Mercur, Radio Syd and Radio Caroline South off the Danish, Swedish and English coast, then broadcasting as Radio Syd from Bathurst harbour (Gambia)
1961 Troubridge Broadcast by commercial station 5DN in North Adelaide from a ship off the coast of South Australia
1961 Unknown vessel An American boat operated by the CIA broadcasting to Cuba
1961 Unknown vessel A yacht broadcasting to Cuba as "Radio Independiente"
1961 [Ellen] Ill-fated project (The Voice of Slough)
1961-62 Lucky Star

DCR and Radio Mercur  in The Sound off Copenhagen (Denmark)

1961-62 [Lady Dixon] Ill-fated project (GBOK)
1961-80 Bon Jour = Magda Maria = Mi Amigo Radio's Nord, Atlanta, Caroline, 199, Veronica, Atlantis, Seagull and Mi Amigo from the Swedish, British and Dutch coast
1962 Uilenspiegel

Radio Antwerpen off Zeebrügge (Belgium)

1964 REM-eiland Radio Noordzee and TV Noordzee broadcasting from an artificial structure similar to an oil rig
1964 Cornucopia Radio Sutch broadcasting four miles off Shoeburyness, Essex (unconfirmed)
1964 Carmen

Radio Rag or Leeds University off the coast Harwich (UK) [unconfirmed]

1964 Unknown vessel

Your Radio of the Sea ("Radio Exodus") from a location between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft (UK) [unconfirmed]

1964 Red Rose

Radio Red Rose with tests off the coast of Liverpool (England)

1964-65 [Albatross] Ill-fated project (Radio Albatross)
1964-66 Shivering Sands Radio Sutch, Radio City and Radio 310 broadcasting from World War II towers contructed by the British Army
1964-67 Red Sands Radio Invicta, KING Radio and Radio 390 broadcasting from World War II towers contructed by the British Army
1964-67 Flamborian Several tests as Radio Free Yorkshire
1964-67 Galaxy Radio London broadcasting off Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex (UK)
1964-68 Fredericia=Caroline

Radio Caroline (North) off Felixstowe (UK), later off Ramsey (Isle of Man)

1964-74 Norderney Radio Veronica off Scheveningen (Netherlands)
1965 Pamela

Radio Pamela or presumably Radio Torr off Clacton-on-Sea (England) [unconfirmed]

1965 Mayflower

Radio Mayflower off the coast of Kent or anchored in the Wash (unconfirmed)

1965-66 Knock John

Radio Essex and BBMS broadcasting from this Naval Sea Fort in the Thames Estuary

1965-66 Sunk Head Tower Radio, Radio Tower and Tower Television from this Naval Sea Fort in the Thames Estuary
1965-67 Comet Radio Scotland off the Scotish coast
1966 [HMS Leviathan] Ill-fated project (The Voice of Britain with anti-apartheid broadcasts)
1966 [Tongue Sands] A fake station from this Naval Sea Fort in the Thames Estuary
1966-67 Olga Patricia = Laissez Faire

Swinging Radio England, Radio Dolfijn, Britain Radio and Radio 227off Walton-on-the-Naze (UK)

1966-67 Oceaan VII Radio 270 off Scarborough and Bridlington (UK)
1966-68 Tiri

Radio Hauraki from the Colville Channel, Hauraki Gulf, North Island, New Zealand

1967 [Pursuit/Jubilee] Ill-fated Scottish project (Radio Aberdeen/King's Radio)
1968-70 Tiri II Radio Hauraki from the Colville Channel, Hauraki Gulf, North Island, New Zealand
1969 Mebyon Kernow Radio Concord off Penzance Bay (Conwall, UK)
1969-70 [Mebo] Ill-fated project (RNI)
1970 Unknown vessel Radio Lakeland from Ullswater in the Lake District (UK) [unconfirmed]
1970 King David

Capital Radio off the coast of Noordwijk (Netherlands)

1970 Hebe Radio Free Greece with tests off the coast of Malta
Early 1970's Unknown vessel

The British Forces Broadcasting Service with transmissions from Valetta harbour (Malta)

1970-71 [Hendrik Jan] Ill-fated project (Stichting Radio Operatie)
1970-78 Mebo II Radio Nordsee International off the Dutch and English coast, later relaying Libyan radio stations from North Africa
1970's-80's De Hoop Weather reports, messages and church services for fishing fleets in North West European Waters
1971 [Unknown vessels] Ill-fated project (10 ships being fitted out in the port of Gdansk/Poland)
1972-1989 Unknown vessel Soviet propaganda transmissions directed to China from the International Waters of the China Sea (unconfirmed)
1973 Columbus Reverend Carl McIntire's Radio Free America off the coast of New Jersey (USA)
1973-74 Janine Radio Condor (only tests off the Dutch coast) and Radio Atlantis (off Knocke/Belgium)
1973-80 Morgenster Radio Stereo Patat plus another ill-fated radio Delmare project
1973-93 Peace

Voice of Peace off  Tel-Aviv (Israel)

1974 [Gunfleet Lighthouse] Ill-fated project (Radio Atlantis/Radio Dolphin from an abondoned lighthouse)
1977-78 [Deep Diver] Ill-fated project (Sunshine Radio)
1978 Aegir Radio Delmare off Goeree/Zeeland (Netherlands)
1978-79 [Epivan] Ill-fated Radio Delmare project
1979 Magdalena Radio Mi Amigo International off the Belgian and Dutch coast
1979 Aegir II = Martina Radio Delmare off Goeree/Zeeland (Netherlands)
1979-80 [Manor Park] Ill-fated project (Radio Ventura/Radio Free England)
1979-80 Bison Radio Veronica with nostalgic programmes off the coast of Scheveningen (Netherlands)
1980 [Unknown vessel] Ill-fated project [Radio Mauritius off the Belgian coast)
1981 Odelia

Odelia TV off  Tel-Aviv (Israel)

1981 Magda Maria Radio Paradijs off the Dutch coast
1981 [Birchlea] Ill-fated project (Radio Phoenix)
1981 [Cederlea] Ill-fated project (Radio Phoenix)
1982 [Unknown vessel] Ill-feated project (Radio Europa, presumably with test broadcasts)
1983-99 Ross Revenge Radio's Caroline, Monique International, World Mission Radio, Radio 558 and Radio 819 plus several RSL stations
1984 Sea Level XI Ill-fated project (Wonderful Radio London International)
1984-89 [Nannell] Ill fated project (Stereo 531/ 576, WSOL 801, Delta Radio and Music Of Your Life)
1984-2002 Communicator Laser 730/558/Hot Hits 576 from the Thames Estuary and several licensed Dutch stations from the IJsselmeer
1985 Caron Broadcasting jamming noices in the Caribbean to disturb Radio Venceremos
1985 Diego Broadcasting jamming noices in the Caribbean to disturb Radio Venceremos
1987-88 Sarah Radio NewYork International off Long Island (New York)
1987-98 [Kowloon = Shanghai Moon] Ill-fated project (GOLD AM - 711 kHz AM and Referendum Radio)
1988 [Rough Tower] Ill-fated "Sealand" project (radio and television stations) from this Naval Sea Fort in the Thames Estuary
1988-today Hatzvi Arutz 7 off Tel Aviv (Israel)
1990 [Déesse de la Démocratie] Ill-fated project (oppositional broadcasts againt the Chinese communist government)
1990 Minerva Radio Veronica with nostalgic programmes off the coast of Scheveningen (Netherlands)
1991 Dolfijn Offshore Radio Memories by Radio Plus (IJmuiden/Netherlands)
1991 Mercur

Official Dutch radio organisation VPRO broadcasting off the coast of Noordwijk (Netherlands)

1991-92 Polaris

Radio One off Haifa (Israel)

1992 Unknown vessel Northlight Radio International
1992 Galexy

Offshore Radio 1584 (Ristricted Service Licence) off Walton on Naze (UK)

1992-2001 Willem Beukelsz "Offshore Radio Memories" and "Muziek uit Zee" remembering the offshore radio stations
1993 Aldebaran Regattaradio FM 105,75 MHz from the Baltic Sea
1993-94 Droit de Parole

Radio Brod off the ex-Yugoslawian coast

1993-94 [Fury] Ill-fated project by Allan Weiner
1993-94 Hof Radio Hof off Bat-Yam (south of Tel-Aviv, Israel)
1994 Earl of Zetland Radio Sovereign (Ristricted Service Licence)
1994-98 Sturmvogel Antenne MV from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern broadcasting from German harbours in the Baltic Sea
1995 Kajur Radio Dan and Galei Hayam Hatichon off Tel-Aviv (Israel)
1995-99 [Electra] Ill-fated project by Allan Weiner
1996-97 King David Arutz 2000 off Tel Aviv (Israel)
1996-97 Thekla

Radio Caroline (Ristricted Service Licence) from Bristol's city centre docks (UK)

1997 Yeoman Rose

Radio London (Ristricted Service Licence) off the coast of Walton on the Naze UK)

1997-98 [Piscator] Ill-fated project in the Mediterranean
1998 Fortuna

Radio 10 Gold celebrating its tenth birthday off the coast of Scheveningen and IJmuiden

1998 Mueritz

Antenne MV (Germany) with inland water tours

1998 Ocean Defender

Radio London (Ristricted Service Licence) from Saint Katherines dock, Docklands, London (UK)

1998 Sittard

Radio Caroline via Radio Stad Harlingen from the quayside in Harlingen harbour (Netherlands)

1999 Aurora

"Offshore 98" off the Dutch coast

1999-2000 Noé French television station France 2 relaying the start of the new millennium from Tonga
1999-2002 LV 18 Several RSL stations from Holland-on-Sea and Harwich (UK)
2000 David W. Mills / Russel B Underwater broadcasts from the sunken David W. Mills being relayed from the Russel B
2000 R 48

Laser Hot Hits Offshore from the Thames Estuary (unconfirmed)

2000 Greif

NDR 1 Radio MV (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) off the coast of Rostock (Germany)

2000-today Enterprise "'Pirates for Peace" planning a kids community radio station based on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
2001-02 [Katie] Another ill-fated Allan Weiner project
2002 [Grampian Dawn/Grampian Princess] Ill-fated project
2002 Minerva Radio 192 reminiscing the 28th anniversary of the closedown of the Dutch offshore stations
2002-today Coastal Ranger KKOL broadcasting from Elliott Bay/Seattle (USA)
2003 Chatham 6-10 ships broadcasting to Iraq
2003 Abraham Lincoln Speech by US president George W. Bush from the vessel
2003 Karel Doorman Dutch television relaying a divine service from the ship
2003 The Sullivans Cork's 103fm broadcasting from the vessel
2003 Norderney Radio Veronica relauching as a licensed station
2004 Unknown vessels The U.S. Navy Maritime Liaison Office (MARLO) from vessels operating in the Gulf of Oman and North Arabian Sea
2004 Unknown vessel Celestial Radio, created by artists Zoë Walker and Neil Bromwich, from a mirrored boat moored off the Essex coast
2004 St. Paul Pirate Radio 603 AM from the harbour of Mariehamn (Åland Islands, Finland) from August to November 2004
2004 Thalassa Eight days of test broadcasts of the licensed radio station Radio Waddenzee/Radio Seagull from Harlingen (NL)
2005 Hope Broadcasts by the Blessings For Obedience (BFO) Ministry for the hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans
2006 LV 8 Test broadcasts of the licensed radio station Radio Waddenzee/Radio Seagull from Harlingen (NL)

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