Unknown (Gdansk)

Unknown. Only one of these ships was used for Russian propaganda transmissions directed to China.

Planned offshore radio station: On July 8th 1971, the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf published a leaked report from the CIA. It revealed that 10 pirate radio ships based on the Radio North Sea operation, were under construction in the Polish port of Gdansk. The programme was under the direction of the Institut für Technische Untersuchungen. This was believed to be a cold war riposte to the US-based operation Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. It was also likely that such vessels would incorporate a SIGINT (signals intelligence capability), which was also clearly a feature of the North Sea operation. Publication of the report compromised the operation and work on the ships ceased. [Story by Paul Harris, published in the Scottish newspaper, The Herald, on February 1st, 2001]

Planned location: Unknown

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